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Transformations 360 Program

Give Yourself the Greatest Gift of Health By:

  • Preventing Diabetes
  • Reversing Pre-Diabetes
  • Achieving Sustainable Weight Loss
  • Weaning off Lifestyle Induced Medications
  • Addressing 15 Functional Health Conditions

How it Works:

Step 1

Complete WICO® Score Questionnaire:

  • Evaluates 15 Functional Health Conditions
  • Establishes Wellness Score and Graph

Step 2

Start T-360 Diet to Biochemically Set Your Body to Burn Fat:

  • Use excess abdominal fat for fuel.
  • Experience heightened energy and mental alertness with NO hunger or cravings.
  • In between meals, a delicious, sweet mini beverage (not a meal replacement or shake)
    is consumed (comes in different flavors) to balance blood sugar throughout the day.

Step 3

Once Within Five Pounds of Goal Weight, WICO® Questionnaire is Retaken and Changes on the 2 Graphs
Permits Pinpointing of:

  • The root cause of symptomsNutritional deficiencies needing correction
  • Nutritional deficiencies needing correction
  • The likelihood of any food intolerances/sensitivities
  • The likelihood of any food intolerances/sensitivities
  • Chronic conditions needing correction

Why it Works

  • Feel great while on the program. No hunger, no cravings. Great mental state, heightened energy.
  • Learn how to maintain correct food and lifestyle habits.
  • Maintain your weight loss and blood sugar. Control by having imbalances with functional health conditions addressed.

Give Yourself the Greatest Gift of Health Today!

TRANSFORMATIONS INC. – Training Healthcare Practitioners on Leading-edge Prevention and Wellness Programs.

What is Special About a Transformations Healthcare Practitioner?

  • Practices in the field of Functional Medicine
  • Addresses Root Cause of Your Symptoms
  • Addresses Root Cause of Your Symptoms
  • Client works with prescribing physician to wean off lifestyle-induced medication
  • Teaches Correct Eating Habits for Lifelong Health
  • Empowers Blood Sugar Control
  • Ensures Sustainable Weight Loss

Speak with your TRANSFORMATIONS Practitioner to schedule a consultation.

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