squares2Elaine Connelly, RN-C, NHA, CBCP, BA squares

President, Wealth & Wellness Journey, Inc

Biography: Elaine is a graduate of St. John’s Hospital School of Nursing and Ursuline College, and is a trained Nursing Home Administrator.  Her healthcare experience includes research review management, hospital administration as a Chief Nursing Officer, and many nursing practice specialties.

She is a member of The Energy Medicine Professional Association, The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), Elite Women Around the World (EWAW), Women in Networking (WIN), Healing Touch Professional Association (HTPA), The Professional Wellness Alliance (PWA), and Natural Health Association (NHA).

Her specialty certifications include Applied Kinesiology, Gerontology, The Emotion Code & Body Code, Herbs & Tree Essences, Reiki I, and Pet Communication, with previous certifications and experience in Rehabilitation, Sub-acute Care, Cancer Data Management, and Biomedical Research Review.

She uses energy techniques to identify and address imbalances which include the Emotion Code, the Body Code, Quantum Biofeedback, BEMER Therapy, and Applied Kinesiology.

She teaches how to integrate traditional western treatment modalities with lifestyle wellness approaches for balance recovery.

Elaine provides integrative health consultation and services for adults, children, and pets both locally and long distance.

She is also a Nikken Independent Wellness Consultant.

As a long term stage III cancer survivor, she is able to understand the challenge of this disease and share integrative solutions for survival.


Wealth & Wellness Journey, Inc. opened for business in 2002 in Cleveland, Ohio as a result of my unexpected improvements in my own health challenges. I had had a very successful health care career in both acute and long term care administration. I was in the fourth year of a Chief Nursing Officer position when a cancer diagnosis was given to me in 1992. After traditional chemotherapy treatment, as I went back to work, I developed a major clotting disorder and in the next 4 years underwent 5 major surgeries. I was then given a script for a wheelchair. I could only walk about 500 feet when excruciating cramping would start in both legs. I would stand for about 5 minutes and then begin to walk again. My inner voice told me to search for solutions outside of western medicine. I relinquished the CNO position and moved into biomedical research coordination. This opened up the world to me as I looked for a solution for myself.

I explored reiki, aromatherapy, tai chi, creative imagery, and swam 3 days of the week, however the walking limitation remained. I searched for a health care business I could do from home. A close friend introduced me to a health approach that changed my life.

I felt if I had difficulty finding health solutions, others would also. So I started Wealth & Wellness Journey to educate others and offer non-drug, non-surgery options to them.

I consider myself a “connector” as I relate what I have seen work for others in similar circumstances, and in my journey discovered the art of energy healing.

I welcome you to explore with an open mind the power of the human body, which when placed in a proper inside and outside environment, has the ability to rebalance.

Meet Elaine Connelly. Her coaching story touches you, the people around you, and their pets!

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