A curious and open mind is needed to discern and gain understanding amidst chaos. We live in a dynamic and constantly changing world resulting in both positive, happy times and disastrous, atrocious times that really do try men’s souls. It is up to us to decide to either live in fear and trepidation or in courage and confidence. Historically, the resilience of the human spirit has ruled over all attacks against humanity whether internal or external to our country.

Situations and circumstances in life are neither good nor bad until we put our personal interpretation and belief to them. I am choosing the optimistic route, the trust in a higher power, and the mutual trust and friendship among like-minded people. Strength in numbers does work when faced with adversity.

Creative and independent thinkers have been in my life since childhood and still influence my own daily behavior, attitudes, and beliefs. Resilience, a capacity to bounce back from stress and trauma, is a learned behavior and can be mastered quickly when experiencing the daily conflicting edicts and messages we are all receiving right now. Most recently, a calm spirit, common sense, and logic dominate how I daily evaluate the fake news which has been relied on in the past. I now seek out those independent voices suppressed from public sources and rely on new trusted alternative real news platforms: freedomplatform.tv, disseminate. tv, bitchute.com, and awarriorcalls.com. A new free speech social platform has been created: AllSocial.

I have also actively connected to fellow Americans working in Ohio and nationally to maintain our constitutional freedoms and liberty. Now is the time to stand up and be counted and resist conflicting and unlawful mandates that are ruining this great country. My father served in World War II fighting for our freedom and liberty. I am, and always will be, my father’s daughter.

Elaine Connelly, RN-C, CBCP
Wealth & Wellness Journey, Inc.




Article published in The Women’s Journal – August, September 2020 Issue. (See below)