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Navigating the Noise – By Elaine Connelly, RN-C, CBCP

A curious and open mind is needed to discern and gain understanding amidst chaos. We live in a dynamic and constantly changing world resulting in both positive, happy times and disastrous, atrocious times that really do try men's souls. It is up to us to decide to...

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Are You “Grounded” for Overall Well-Being?

Grounding is defined as “a process that helps your physical body to connect to life sustaining earth energies. Feeling grounded is the opposite of being jittery, anxious and stressed out.   Grounding is therefore an important aspect of Active Wellness. It is an...

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Keep Your Weight Steady Through the Holiday Season

Is your holiday season full of traps that derail you from healthy eating?  Are your days filled with extra calories that seem too tempting to pass up? What’s a body with the best of intentions to do? Here are five simple behaviors that may help keep your weight steady...

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Plant-Based Diets to Improve Health

Did your mama tell you to “eat your veggies”? She knew what she was talking about. Studies have shown that there are possible connections between a plant-based diet and maintaining good health. Vegetarians typically consume more vitamin E, C, folic acid,...

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Discover a New Way of Life

Balance has become a top priority for people around the world. More than ever before, we are on a quest for a better quality of life.

But we live in an unbalanced world. We work more and sleep less. We spend more time on our computers than we do with our families. We now eat more than we move. Our homes are no longer safe havens where we can rest. Now they are staging points for the next day’s hectic activities.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired? We are ready for a health revolution.

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Vital Areas of Wellness

The human body is designed to defend, repair and maintain itself, but to do so requires all the following in ideal balance, quality and synergy: 1. Water that is: Filtered through ion resin exchange - Erin Brockovich Explains The Flint Water Crisis - Water...

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Water Experiment
(5 Weeks)

Water experiment performed by Dr. Chad Nielson. Dr. Nielson used tap water, reverse osmosis, well water and Nikken’s PiMag water. The water in each container was changed out weekly in each container with fresh water. The sweet potatoes were organically grown and were...

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Can Magnets Help Diabetic Neuropathy?

Diabetes Wellness News - October 2004 Cynicism surrounds complementary medicines and the use of therapeutic magnets in particular. Many people espouse their health-improving properties, but do they really work? A recent study in America, published in the Archives of...

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